Creative Look Development In Nuke

🔒 How to conceptualise a visual effect in Nuke…

Creative Look Development In Nuke

🔒 How to conceptualise a visual effect in Nuke…

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In this guide, we'll look at the whole process of conceptualising a visual effect in Nuke, including: 

  1. Clarifying the brief 
  2. Studying references 
  3. Researching relevant techniques 
  4. Gathering elements
  5. Working as a team
  6. Improving efficiency 
  7. Designing the effect 
  8. Making the work scalable
  9. Layering details
  10. Getting the most out of the effect
  11. Useful tools and ways of working
  12. Real world example

– And more! Let's jump right in. 

The Creative Look Development Process

At times, the direction in which to take the visual effects for a shot or a sequence won’t be clear.  

When that happens, you may get asked to explore visual ideas – or even to fully develop the effect – in Comp. 

This is a great opportunity to get creative. 

Look development in Nuke can challenge you to push the boundaries of your knowledge and to think outside the box. And you actually get to play. You get to experiment and test things out – combining techniques, mixing ideas, and crafting unique solutions. 

Often, you'll find brand new ways of using old tools, which can unlock real ‘a-ha’ moments. You’ll learn new and better ways of doing things – that may stick with you throughout your career. Other times, you'll discover new tools, or even build your own. 

And you’ll get to develop your analytical skills as well as hone your ability to problem-solve. 

Look development can be quite fun and challenging, and in this guide we’ll walk through the process step by step. 

Before we get into the details, there is one thing you should keep in the back of your mind: